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New Book: Popular Music Scenes – Regional and Rural Perspectives

Music Scenes are not an exclusive phenomenon of the metropolis! Popular Music Scenes – Regional and Rural Perspectives edited by Andy Bennett, David Cashman, Ben Green & Natalie Lewandowski, recently published at Palgrave McMillan, represents the first book-length study of regional and rural music scenes across the globe. Within 15 chapters by international scholars, this volume explores how globalization influences the development of trans-local connections between music scenes and provides fresh insights into understudied music scenes in towns and small cities across the world – at the edge or beyond the spaces we understand as urban. The book examines regional and rural popular music scenes in Europe, Asia, North America and Australia by looking at the spatial aspects of regional popular music scenes, at their technologies and forms of distribution, at their collective memories, and at their relationship to industry, policy, culture and music.

More information at the publisher´s website: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-031-08615-1