Urban Music Studies

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The Urban Music Studies Blog is a multi- and transdisciplinary network of researchers regarding the different relationships between musical forms, actors, institutions and the city. Our aim is to institutionalize all kinds of academic and applied work in the field in order to connect the rather coexisting and loose linkages between results and publications within different academic discourses. This means it now is the time to interrelate different disciplinary approaches to music and the city from Urban Studies, Musicology, Popular Music Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology to Economy, Geography and History as well as varying methodologic perspectives from theory-based and statistics to empiric, historic and ethnographic research.

Urban Music Studies is an umbrella term and encompasses all efforts and disciplinary perspectives. It has become a reasonable field of research within recent years. In order to define the range and frontiers of Urban Music Studies we´d like to invite everyone who is interested to take part in this blog, its topics and discourses.