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Urban Music Policies Day 3


Welcome back everybody!

After a lively jam session on Saturday evening, there were still some more really interesting panel talks and a catchy key note being delivered on Sunday.

But let’s start from the beginning. The last day of our conference began with another round of sessions. We engaged with studies on ‘Independent Labels in Portugal’, ‘New Music Orchestras’ and ‘Scenography’, followed by more discussions. From this, some quite interesting connections between the single projects developed.

Another highlight of the conference took place on Sunday: Martin Cloonan from Turku/Finland delivered a keynote on the Music Scene in Glasgow, getting some laughs through his easy going way of talking.

After the final round of panel sessions, the conference ended with a couple of closing remarks and the opportunity to attend the network meeting to review the conference and discuss future steps.

We hope this gave you a little insight on what’s been happening last weekend at ‘Groove the City!’. Stay tuned for more conference documentaries and hopefully see you at the next Urban Music Studies conference!

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel): Surplus Trap: Towards a Materialist Analysis of Trap Music

Dennis Büscher-Ulbrich (Kiel): Surplus Trap: Towards a Materialist Analysis of Trap Music


Michael Kahr (Graz): Jazz & the City: Local Music in Global Context


Martin Cloonan (Turku): Glasgow Memories: Some Reflections in Being on a Scene


Sigrún Lilja Einarsdóttir (Bifröst): The City of the Dreaming Spires: Cultural Hegemony, Social Diversity and Elitism in the Oxford Collegiate Choral Context




Kwende Kefentse (London): Scenography: A Methodology for the Spatial Analysis of Music Scenes, and a Window into their Value